ELONE Foods is a freshly new established company with the purpose of satisfying worldwide demands for high quality wholesome foods utilizing the state of the art facilities in Turkey.   Although it is a new enterprise the owners are in food and export sector for more than 10 years.

Anatolia is the epicenter of agriculture and wholesome food production for centuries.  As ELONE Foods our aim is to bring this nourishment to the tables worldwide.   We offer a quality that comes from the ancient culture of Anatolia, a land that, still today, keeps the gastronomic tradition of the past.

We practice a very careful process and quality control.  We are eligible to control the quality on each steps of production by coordinating the QA & QC departments of suppliers and our experienced technical people to ensure the right quality, availability and price.

In a very short time, ELONE has gained a strong reputation in all the countries it operates and has managed to edge out the existing competition.   Today our products are sold in retailers & food service in many countries.
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